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FLFS Meta Tags

  • FSDateCreation - The date when this web page was created
  • FSDatePublish - The date when this web page was created
  • FSFLContent - Informs the Publisher tool whether this page contains any content or not. Valid values yes or no
  • FSLanguage - Language of the content in the page. Example: US English or UK English, etc
  • FSOnSitemap - Whether the page is accessible via the Sitemap link in the firmsite
  • FSPageDescription - Description of the content of page
  • FSSearchable - This tag mentions whether a certain page can be searched or not
  • FSWritertoolPageType - Page Type of a page in the firmsite. Page Type values help the Publisher toold in page creation
  • FSSection - Depicts whether a page is a Section Page or simple page. Section pages can have links to other pages
  • FSPageName - Name of the page within a Findlaw firmsite
  • FLBlogAuthor - Depicts whether author of the blog is lawfirm or FL author